(Photo + Video) NYPD Commissioner Calls Rappers Thugs After T.I.’s Irving Plaza Concert Shooting

NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton is under a lot of fire after calling referring to rappers as “basically thugs” who carry violence around with them in their careers. The comment stemmed after a shooting broke out during rapper T.I.’s concert in NYC’s Irving Plaza.

NYPD Commissioner Bratton Seizes Woman’s Marijuana On Wall Street

New York City Police Department Commissioner recently happened to be on Wall Street in lower Manhattan. As he traveled on a sidewalk, he noticed an aroma floating in the air and decided to follow the smell.

NFL: Commissioner Goodell Visits National Domestic Hotline Headquarters & Moved To Tears

The league faced strong criticism for their handling of domestic violence incidents. The Ray Rice incident called for change in the policies set in place. In hopes of remedying their image, Goodell visited the hotline’s headquarters over the weekend. Hit the jump for details.

Sports: ESPN’s Bill Simmons Suspended For Three Weeks

Writer and commentator, Bill Simmons, of ESPN finds himself in hot water once again for not being able to keep his comments to himself. ESPN has suspended Simmons for three weeks after taking shots at NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, on ESPN’s ‘Grantland’ podcast. Simmons firmly believes Goodell had been aware of Rice’s violent actions, even calling him a liar as expressed, “And for him to go in that press conference and pretend otherwise, I was so insulted. I really was.” Jump on this story and click the link below to see what else Simmons had to say about Goodell and the Ray Rice incident…

So Sad! Number Of Deaths In Philly’s Building Collapse Rises To Six!

Some things can not be avoided, and this would be one. Prayers go out to the victims involved in the collapse of a building in Philadelphia, yesterday [June 5]. After 12hrs of the collapse, fire-fighters found a 61-year-old woman alive, but the same good news can not be shared for six others. Yesterday afternoon, Carlton Williams, Commissioner of License and Inspection stated that, contractors Griffin Campbell had an active permit on the buildings, however some people made it clear that they felt like the building wasn’t safe. Let’s hope the death toll stops at six. Drop down bottom for more information.

PEEP THIS: NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Thinks “Blacks Are Being Understopped”

Ray Kelly’s been in the spot light about this whole stop-and-frisk practice, but his answer defending the policy was a little one-sided! Hit the jump for the full story!

NFL: Poll: Would You Want Kickoffs Removed From Games??

To me this is a horrible idea!!!! But with the league focusing heavily on player safety and worried about lasting effects of concussions, this may happen sooner than later! IamJOE357

(Photo)NBA: Leaked Text Message Convo Between David Stern & Greg Popovich (Joke)

By now if your an NBA fan, you have heard that last night the coach of the San Antonio Spurs chose to send his 4 best players home to get some rest, instead of play them on a nationally televised game against the Miami heat. The commissioner David Stern has said there will be severe sanctions against the Spurs for doing so. There is no said rule that a coach can not rest his players, however the commissioner was very upset with the fact that some fans may of wanted to see the Spurs best players and were robbed of the chance. Check out the funny text convo in the gallery above by NotBillWalton IamJOE357

NFL Reaches Agreement With Commissioner Roger Goodell On Contract Extension Through March 31, 2019

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract was extended Wednesday through the 2018 season. The 52-year-old Goodell took over for Paul Tagliabue in 2006. His original five-year contract was extended in 2009, and the new extension runs through March 2019.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Yells at Commissioner at Friday’s NBA Labor Meeting

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and NBA commissioner David Stern had a contentious moment during Friday’s NBA labor meeting.

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