(Video) Usher Visits Cuba!

Usher becomes one of the select few artists who have been able to visit Cuba!

US Transportation Secretary Approves 6 Airlines To Schedule Flights To Cuba

Get your passports ready and prepare to enjoy that beautiful Cuban sun if you got family there. As many know the United States and Cuba have had beef for some time now. The disagreements have lead to shaky relations between the two countries for some time dating back as far as the 50’s. In recent years President Obama as well as his camp have been working on the re-connection of the once prominent bond. The president himself visiting Cuba was a huge milestone in the relations improvement and today it seems that an even greater mild stone has been established.

(Video) Excitement Builds For ‘Fast 8’ Fans After Released Teaser Video

Just when you thought there would be an end to the ‘Fast and the Furious’ films, guess what…the excitement for ‘Fast’ movies will never die. The production for the next fast movie ‘Fast 8’, is currently taking place with an additional surprise that have many fans going WILD!

(Video) Ouch: Cuban President Shades Obama’s Hug

We know that Obama is currently in Cuba. In a video that has just hit the internet, Obama tried to hug the President of Cuba Raul Castro. Castro faded the hug and hold Obama’s arm up. Well damn.

Cuba Has Ordered It’s Dissidents Not To Attend Meeting With President Obama

The night before President Obama’s visit to Cuba, authorities have ordered it’s dissidents who were invited to meet with the president of the United States to stay home. Elizardo Sanchez, a Cuban anti-government activist who chronicles political detentions month-to-month, said he and most of those invited planned to defy the government order. Sanchez from Havana said over the phone that U.S. officials were offering to help the activists get to the meeting with Obama, scheduled for Tuesday. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

President Obama Will Be The First President to Visit Cuba In More Than 80 Years

Just last week President Obama announced for the first time in over half a century, an American factory has been approved to operate in Cuba. Now, for another historic milestone in his presidency, the POTUS will visit the country making him the first president to visit Cuba in over 80 years. ABC News reports the visit is expected to take place in “mid-March,” and will reportedly be part of a “broader” Latin America trip. Early Thursday morning, President Obama tweeted about the time he plans to spend in Cuba. “14 months ago, I announced that we would begin normalizing relations with Cuba,” @POTUS tweeted. “We’ve already made significant progress. Our flag flies over our Embassy in Havana once again. More Americans are traveling to Cuba than at any time in the last 50 years.” More below.

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