(Video) Holy Sh*t! Gusts Of Fire Shoot From The Streets In The Cities Of Taiwan!

This is crazy. Taiwan was over taken this weekend by multiple explosions of fire coming from underground due to gas leaks along the sewage systems, resulting in brutal destruction and tragic deaths. Check out the video of the explosions after the jump!

See How Hurricane Sandy Set Mankind Back!!!

They are saying, and I quote “The Impact On Science Will Be Terrible”, Damn You Sandy, Trying to send mankind back a bit, Confused?? No Prob, Hit the Jump!!!! Wza

(Photos & Video) Post-Tropical Storm Sandy Arrives In NYC With 85-100 MPH Winds And Flood Waters through NYC

Post tropical storm Sandy has arrived in NYC with the exact force it was expected to show up with. 85 mph reaching and reaching as much as 100 mph. Lower Manhattan has been left without power due to a decision by Con Ed. Click below to see what lower Manhattan currently looks and to see pictures. WiL Major

Strom Kills 30 People In The Philippines

With Eastcoasters prepearig for Hurricane Sandy, Southeast Asia is dealing with the trail of damage from a powerful storm that has killed at least 30 people over the past few days.  Click “more” below for the full story. DJ Matthew Tyler

(Video) The Calmest Destruction Of An Entire T-Mobile Store You’ll Ever See!!!

Check out the calmest destruction of a T-Mobile store by a man who was frustrated by his phone bill. Click below to see the video. WiL Major

‘Avengers’ Destruction Would Cost How Much In Real Life?!

If you have seen Marvel’s The Avengers (or even just the trailer for it) you would notice that in like so many other movies, New York City faces a lot of destruction. During the epic fight scene of the movie, buildings, roads, cars, and much more are destroyed by the chaos resulting in NYC being torn up. According to calculations if Marvel’s The Avengers was real life, the destruction would cost the city more than the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and the tsunami in Japan! Find out how much the estimated cost would be below. Julie1205

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