(Video) Cassidy Steps Into The Battle Rap Ring With Dizaster In L.A.! & WHAT Happens?! [Update: Rematch Footage]

The battle rap fans were waiting to have a field day with this one. Cassidy finally found himself on foreign turf after months of interviews and preparation he went up against Dizaster. It isn’t hard to see that Cassidy struggle with his first round, and Dizaster claimed that Cassidy’s crew was preventing him from spitting. The battle lasted nearly one round before the lights were shut off in the building and fans were asked to leave. Both battlers have publicly blamed one another for the mishaps, which included fans and entourage members heckling the MCs. You be the judge. Who won? Check out fan reactions and the video footage after the jump!

Smart Tips When It Comes To Disaster Planning

You may know a relative or friend that has experienced natural disasters, but what if a disaster affects you directly? Do you know what to do??

(Video)Check It Out: President Obama Visits Oklahoma To Tour WHAT???

Today President Obama visited Moore, Oklahoma to tour the aftermath of the huge devastating tornado they experienced last week. The president stated “This is hard to comprehend” and the president also vowed to support with federal funding.

LOL! Julianne Moore Shows Up At Cannes Film Festival With Her Toes Hanging Out..Literally !!

Julianne Moore showed up at the Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony Wednesday night with her toes spreading for freedom trapped inside a strappy silver sandal obviously two sizes too small at least. Looking at the tragic photos of Ms. Moore on the red carpet, I can only assume that one, there is a stylist walking around somewhere unemployed; and two, there’s a podiatrist making a serious house call to put these toes out of misery LOL ! Hit the jump for more info….

San Francisco Builds A Social Network For Emergencies

The city of San Francisco has been working on an emergency social networking website and app to better help their residents in case of any disaster. They want to integrate already known sites like Twitter and Facebook so that users don’t have to rely solely on the new social site.

39 Reported Dead, 7 Buried Alive After 7.4 Earthquake Strikes!

A Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake rocked a small state in Guatemala leaving 39 dead and countless without homes. San Marcos, a mountain village 80 miles suffered most severely when 30 homes reportedly collapsed into rubble causing at least 7 people to be buried alive. Hit the Jump for more. Funk Flex

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