Sony’s Twitter Account Hacked; Tweets Britney Spears Is Dead (…She’s Not!)

Britney Spears is alive and well, despite a Twitter announcement from Sony Records to the contrary. Turns out, the account was hacked, and the hackers wanted to make everyone think 2016 had gotten even worse than previously imaginable! “Britney Spears is dead by accident,” the account read. “We will tell you more soon.” They then followed up with a tribute, but soon after, it was revealed to be a hoax.

Private Email Accounts Belonging To The CIA Director & DHS Secretary Have Been Hacked

Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan and the Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson have been hacked by a high-schooler. After news of the men’s email breach touched the Internet, it remained hush for a while, leaving folks to wonder if it actually took place. However, CBS News reports that law enforcement officials confirmed the story. The hacker(s), under the Twitter handles @_CWA_ – now deactivated – and @phphax says that his reasoning for the hack was not for personal gain, but “because innocent people in Palestine are being killed daily.” Find out more down bottom.

China Blocks Apple News

In case you didn’t know, China has a lot of rules. People jump off buildings a lot because they have little freedom. So, it comes to no one’s real surprise that the government censored media. Apple News is now inaccessible in China. Hit the jump to find out how to hack back into it.

(Photos) Syrian Electronic Army Admits To Hacking U.S. Army’s Website

No one is safe … Monday, the U.S. Army’s website was down. Come to find out, it the government run site was hacked into. The Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker group that has claimed in the past to disrupt major news websites, according to Fox News, admits to being the culprits behind the issue. Check down bottom for more.

(Photos) NBA: Adam Silver Says ‘Hack-A-Shaq’ Isn’t Going Anywhere!

A lot of controversy has been surrounding the intentional fouling of players who are terrible free throw shooters and whether or not the league should do something about it. The league’s commissioner, Adam Silver, recently said the ‘Hack-A-Shaq’strategy will not be taken away from the game! Click more to check out the full story!

(Photos) NBA: “Hack-A-Shaq” Could Be Exiled By The League?

If a player is a terrible free throw shooter, then some teams’ game plan may be to intentionally foul them in order to stop the clock and ultimately increase their lead by grabbing the rebound and scoring on the other end. We saw this type of play in the Clippers/Spurs series where DeAndre Jordan missed an inexcusable amount of free throws. The league could out-law this type of play though. Click more for the full story!

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