OG Maco Says His Hit Song “U Guessed It” Is Trash!

In an interview with The Fader, OG Maco says that his hit song “U Guessed It” is trash and that everyone who likes the song is stupid. Read more on the story after the jump!

NBA: ESPN Fires Back At Kobe After He Calls Them “Idiots”, But Did They Go Too Far?

It is funny that a story centered around the word “respect” could come off as so disrespectful and condescending. I know by now all you guys heard about ESPN ranking Kobe 40th in this years edition of the NBA player rankings. Whether you love or hate Kobe, the rank caused a huge uproar across all of social media. Kobe replied by calling them “idiots” when asked about his spot on the list, and that should of been the end of that. But someone at ESPN felt the need to keep it going and write a story about respect, while seemingly disrespecting one of the greatest players ever.

(Video) Google Glass Users Being Attacked Because Of Tech Hate?!

I’ve been hearing these reports for a while now, and as a Glass explorer, I have to say you guys hating are completely idiots!!

NFL: Braylon Edwards Says Don’t Blame Mark Sanchez For Jets’ Problems, He Thinks You Should Blame…

Braylon Edwards may not be on the Jets anymore, but he is sticking up for his former teammate.  Braylon thinks it’s unfair that QB Mark Sanchez is getting blamed for the messy situation the Jets are in.  He took to Twitter to let fans know it’s not Sanchez’s fault and says who he thinks they should blame for the bad season. Jets fans weigh in! GameTimeGirl

NBA: Kobe Bryant Calls His Critics ‘Idiots’ After 40-Point Performance & Says They Get Dumber By the Year

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Kobe Bryant is on a roll of late when it comes to insulting anyone who dares to question his team or the man himself. Last week, Bryant called those who doubt that the Lakers can contend for an NBA title this season “mentally challenged”.

“James Bond” Thinks The Kardashians Are Idiots

In the January issue of British GQ, James Bond actor Daniel Craig reveals his disdain for reality TV darlings, The Kardashians, calling the krew “idiots.” Nice. Read more about what he had to say below. Do you agree with him? Marisa Mendez

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