Porn Star James Deen Tells All About Working With Lindsay Lohan

Porn Star James Deen, with his most recent work being his sex tape with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan, tells all about working with the actress on this movie. Lindsay is a whole bunch of drama, and he dishes on dealing with her, filming a four-way sex scene with Lindsay, and her acting crazy on set. Check out the highlights after the jump.

(Photos) SMH: Guess What Farrah Abraham Was Spotted Buying At The Convenience Store

As we all know by now (and probably have seen…), Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently released a sex tape with porn star James Deen. What we didn’t know, however, was no condoms or birth control were used in the taping…and Farrah’s a little nervous she might be pregnant AGAIN. Just what the world wouldn’t need! Apparently she recently missed her period and started freaking out, and was spotted at a local convenience store picking up a little test. Check the pics in the gallery. Let’s hope the answer is NO!

(Video) Dr. Phil Blast ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham!! “You Would Argue With A Fence Post”

Farrah Abraham, recently twenty one year old ‘Teen Mom’ star wanted to go on the Dr. Phil show to clear up a few things about her unreleased sex tape with adult film star James Deen. Dr. Phil had it in for Farrah, he said she was “entitled”, after poor explanations of her recent DUI, her behavior with her parents, and her sex tape, all seeming to free her from responsibility. Dr. Phil’s “tough love” broke Farrah Down and she even started to cry saying to Dr. Phil, “I just think you’re being very negative and it’s upsetting me.” Dr. Phil was okay with her tantrum saying, “here’s the problem that you and I have, perhaps unlike your mother, I don’t care if you throw a fit or you don’t… you have an incredible sense of entitlement and when you don’t get your way you get upset, sorry!” Check out the video down bellow.

(Video) Farrah Abraham Speaks On Sex Tape & Says WHAT About Co-Star James Deen?!

I’m so over Farrah Abraham and this how porn stuff already and the tape hasn’t even been released yet! The “Teen Mom” star tried to make the public believe that she was dating known porn star, James Deen, and that they made a sex tape that was supposed to leak. We come to find out that the story was BS and she blatantly did porn and James put her on blast saying that he didn’t want people to think they were dating cause they aren’t. All of this drama occurred only for the tape to be sitting on shelf somewhere because Farrah isn’t going to make the money she thinks deserves. Now, Farrah SLAMMED Deen saying that he was rude, disrespectful, she only hired him because she was told to hire top professionals and he wasn’t, and that his penis is small. I have personally not seen his penis, but according to Google he has a sex toy molded from it, so it can’t be too bad, right? The most awkward thing about this whole video is that her mom is standing right next to her and although she’s clearly not a virgin, it’s just a little odd to me. Drop down below to watch the video.

Farrah Abraham Stopped The Sale Of Her Sex Tape For What Reason?!

This girl is a mess! First she tries to play us out like her dating porn star, James Deen, and being photoed leaving Vivid-a huge porn company-was just part of her average life and now this. As we reported yesterday, Deen has told everyone that the “leaked sex tape” was actually very planned including the part about it being leaked! He also went on to pretty much say that he spilled the beans since he doesn’t want to publicly be attached to her name or her in a non-porn related way. Now in almost true celebrity fashion, Farrah’s lawyer has put a seize and desist order on the tape not allowing Vivid to sell it! Normally when a celeb does that/attempts to do that, it’s because they are embarrassed but not this chick! Find out why she wants the tape stopped below.

Porn Star James Deen Spills Some Details On Sex Tape With Farrah Abraham

As we reported, “Teen Mom 2” star Farrah Abraham, has a sex tape coming out with porn star James Deen. At first it seemed like the sex tape was leaking then we started seeing her with porn star James Deen leaving many to believe that the tape made with the intention of being sold. James and Farah were spotted together holding hands and Farrah was spotted outside of Vivid. It turns out that the sex tape was in fact intentionally made for porn and for Farrah to make a nice amount of money. Now, James is speaking out about the tape and telling his side of things. I wonder if the tape would have made more money if it was “leaked”? Read more below.

Farrah Abraham Trying To Sell Her Sex Tape For How Much??

Over the weekend, it was said that a “personal” sex tape of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had leaked…but it turned out, it was an actual porno, and it was shot with porn star James Deen. James spilled the beans yesterday, saying it was all staged and that it was Farrah’s idea. Clearly they had to have had a falling out for him to just reveal that, and when Farrah spoke to paparazzi today, she both confirmed the fall out, and the fact the tape is a real porn. However, it’s not going to come out unless she gets that bread! Find out how much she’s asking below.

Just As Suspected! Farrah Abraham’s “Leaked” Sex Tape Was Actually A Real Porno!

This plan was put togehter, executed and fell apart all in the matter of like, a day. Here’s the back story if you haven’t kept up: Early yesterday morning, word broke that there was a “leaked” sex tape of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham set to leak. Hours later, paparazzi spotted her in L.A. and asked her about it, and she mumbled some random reply saying she’d take legal action. A couple hours after that, photos surfaced of her and porn star James Deen, holding hands while leaving the offices of major porn company, Vivid Ent. At that point, we all realized it’s James in the video, and most figured that this was all a ploy. Turns out, we were right. Photogs caught up with James today, who revealed it ALL. If I was Farrah, I’d be pretty annoyed with him! Get the 411 below!

(Photos) Whoa! Seems Like “Teen Mom” Star Farrah’s Sex Tape Is With THIS Porn Star!

As we reported earlier, a sex tape featuring “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is currently being shopped around to various porn companies. The male it featured had been unidentified until now…but it appears that it may be porn star James Deen…and judging by where the two were spotted yesterday, this may even be a full-on porn movie! Walking hand-in-hand with James, Farrah was photographed outside of mega porn company, Vivid Entertainment. This girl is just 21-years-old and has a daughter, and she’s out here doing porn? Even if she tries to spin it and say the sex tape was “personal” and that it “leaked,” her showing up at the office proves, if nothing else, that she’s “leaking” it herself to make a profit. So sad. More photos in the gallery.

(Photos) Fellas Check It Out! Lindsay Lohan Porn Star Look-Alikes Having Casting Call!

Fellas check it out!! A new porn flick called The Canyons is underway, which will be based on the movie that Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen just shot. James Deen is going to be in the flick, and there were rumors that Lindsay was going to be in the porno but it turns out they are just going to cast a look alike. There are three candidates being looked at. Hit the jump and check the gallery to see the pics of the three girls, definitely let us know which one you like best.

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