(Video) Vic Mensa Gets Kicked Out Of American Airlines Flight, Says The FBI Got Involved

Vic Mensa was pissed off recently when he tried to catch a flight from LA to Chicago. Let’s just say he’s not the biggest fan of American Airlines anymore, especially after being delayed for 5 hours and seeing disrespectful employees blacking right in front of his eyes. Somewhere in the story though he had to get escorted out of the plane and deal with the FBI. Check out his crazy story after the jump.

Leolah Brown Kicked Out Of Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral Service

Update: After being removed from the funeral service for her niece Leolah Brown spoke to the press about the incident. She expressed her frustration in the untimely death of her niece saying she angry with Nick Gordon, but also that Pat Houston “had something to do with it.” Check out what she had to say below. Original: Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown has been extremely outspoken throughout the entire journey of Bobbi Kristina’s death. The Browns and the Houstons have been feuding about medical treatment, estate distribution and now funeral arrangements. Bobbi Kristina’s funeral was arranged by Pat Houston. She chose a Sweet 16 theme which had many family members upset. Today, during the service Leolah could not hold her tongue any longer and made an extreme outburst that got her kicked out of the funeral. Read more below.

(VIDEO) NFL: Jacoby Jones & Two Teammates Get Kicked Out of Bar

Jacoby Jones & 2 Ravens teammates were booted out of a Maryland bar this past weekend … for being too hammered … and of course someone caught it on tape! Check it out…

(VIDEO) NBA: Shump & Hardaway Argue With Heckler, Then Entire Section of Knicks Fans Get Him Kicked Out

LMAO, this is so great — and not something you see that often.  Heckling of players is normal at games, but did this guy take it too far?!  Apparently Iman Shumpert & Tim Hardaway Jr. thought so since they felt the need to address him.  Apparently he was berating Raymond Felton about his pending gun charges.  While it’s not 100% confirmed, about the 15 second mark of the video it seems that he says “Hey Felton, where’s your gun?”  Well not only were Knicks players upset, the entire section he was sitting in turned on the heckler and got him ejected.  It’s pretty entertaining how everyone pointed the guy out. Check it out…

(Photos) Joe Budden Exchanges Words With Stripper At Starlets & Gets Her Kicked Out; Stripper Reacts On Twitter

It seems like about once a year, Joe Budden is getting women kicked out of places. Remember the concert last year? LOL. (In his defense, she definitely deserved it. I’ll let you decide for yourself about today’s situation, though.) Last night, Joe linked up with 3 of his female friends for one of his favorite pastimes: hitting the strip club. The crew went to Starlets in Queens, a popular spot in the area, though not Joey’s usual stomping ground of Sin City. Things appeared to be going just fine, when one of the ladies that worked there got a bit too excited over one of Joey’s ladies. After attempting to grab the butt of the woman on the far right of the above photo, Joe quickly got protective and let the stripper know not to try that again. Getting angry, the stripper came at Joe and a few words were exchanged before security was called and she was promptly escorted directly out of the paint. Whether she’s been “fired” (according to Joe) or just removed for the night (according to her) remains to be seen. Reading the woman’s timeline, you can see she’s….well, she’s not the classiest thing walking. And no disrespect (which means this is going to be full of disrespect, LOL), she’s not the cutest thing either. I have quite a feeling that if she was more easy on the eyes, the booty grab wouldn’t have been an issue. In fact, it probably would have been welcomed. I mean, it’s a…

What Is He Gonna Do?? Justin Bieber Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel In Brazil & Has Nowhere To Go!

No love for Bieber in Brasil?? Well the girls damn sure love him, but hotel security for numerous hotels in the area do not! Earlier this week, we reported about Bieber’s fans going crazy and destroying hotel property. Well seems his hotel has had enough and they are not alone. Now he is halfway across the world with nowhere to go. Hit the jump for more.

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