(PHOTO) NBA: Have You Seen Shaq’s LinkedIn Profile?!

Gotta love Shaq.  It’s recently been brought to our attention that he has a great LinkedIn profile.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out…

LinkedIn Adds WHAT New Feature For Teens?!

LinkedIn is expanding its audience to a younger demographic by creating University Pages. Students in the US ages 14 and older will be able to sign up and create a profile. LinkedIn believes University pages will make it easier for students to make their decision about where to attend college.

LinkedIn Now Set To Become The MOST Important Social Media?!

LinkedIn is making it easier than every to apply for jobs. Through the new update users will now be able to apply for jobs straight from the website. How do you feel about applying for jobs via your phone?! See how it works after the jump ..

See Why China Hasn’t Blocked THIS Website Yet!

The Chinese government blocks most popular social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even sets a lot of restrictions of websites that are allowed. Hit the jump to see what website China hasn’t let go of yet and why …

LinkedIn Wants To Keep Hackers Away From Accounts

LinkedIn has added a two-step authentication process for logging in. The company is following Twitter’s recent lead in adding an extra step to help deter hackers.

LinkedIn Finally Bans WHAT Profession?!?!

Welp, Don’t get ‘Linked into some trouble’….Finally LinkedIn is cracking down on their users advertising themselves as prostitutes. Currently, users can list “prostitution” as a skill(Keep That Ish on Craigslist!), although it is actually meant for people working to stop it. Keep reading to find out what the company is doing to stop this practice from taking place.

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