LinkedIn Cracks Down On Prostitution
Welp, Don’t get ‘Linked into some trouble’….Finally LinkedIn is cracking down on their users advertising themselves as prostitutes. Currently, users can list “prostitution” as a skill(Keep That Ish on Craigslist!), although it is actually meant for people working to stop it. Keep reading to find out what the company is doing to stop this practice from taking place.

LinkedIn has recently changed their privacy policy and user agreement, which specifically states that prostitution and escort services are banned, Although legal in some areas, LinkedIn will no longer allow these people to find clients via their website. Although Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and LinkedIn is the World’s newest resume finder….”The 2 don’t mix like 2 d***s with No B***h, find your self in some serious Sh*t” 0_0

That also includes “erotic massages”.

Source: Huffington Post