(Photos) Iggy Azalea Vs. The Beyhive On Twitter Over Beyonce’s “Becky” Lyric

Oh man it never ends. Iggy Azalea gets swarmed by the Beyhive on Twitter after trying to clear up the idea that she thinks the term “Becky” is a racial slur towards white people. Honestly….this is what we’re worried about in 2016? Hit the jump to see Iggy try to ward off the Bey’s.

(Video) Naya Rivera – “Sorry” Ft. Big Sean [Lyric]

Great idea – release the photos, and then the track only to let us know that the video is on the way. HMMM! Wonder how Big Sean’s ex is feeling now! Hit the jump and get a glimpse of the lyric video for, Naya Rivera’s “Sorry,” featuring Big Sean.

(Photos) Chief Keef Threatens To “Kill” A Girl If She Doesn’t Do WHAT ?!?!

After all of the heat Rick Ross got, no one has yet to address the continuous disrespectful lyrics that Chief Keef spits out of his mouth, yet he has more than enough support from the rap gates. In one of his recently released tracks, Keef raps, “You aint gonna let me f*ck and I feel you, but you gone suck my d*ck or I’ll kill you.” Um, sounds like a death threat to me. It’s NOT okay for an entertainer to reference rape, but it is okay to reference murder because you don’t get your JIMMY WET?! Mind blowing (no pun). Chief Keef follows up that bar with a tweet of much similarity, as well as a celebrity that he’d like to get oral pleasures from. You know that the Chicago rapper is known for posting things that is a little over the top (no pun AGAIN). Does he realize that he has a DAUGHTER? Drop down bottom for more.

(Video) Hot 97’s The Realness: Why Be Mad At Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne, But NOT Biggie Or Eminem ???

…and it continues. After not one, but two apologies, Rick Ross is still being talked discredited. Plenty, worldwide have passed judgement on Ross, because they are not fans, which is clearly the reason that Big or Em could get away with lyrics that offend. They are artists who not many disliked. Most people didn’t even pay attention to Ross’ line until it was pointed out by someone else. Killing, slanging dope, f***ing hoes is something you’ll bounce your head to until the artist that you don’t like says it. Drop down bottom and listen, while Talib Kweli (yet again), Rosenberg, and Ebro give their opinions and then give yours. Do you think Ross should have to continuously apologize and why is it that him and Lil’ Wayne gets slandered for such lyrics, but Eminem and Biggie got a pass?

(Photo) Rick Ross Apologizes For His Rape Reference

After getting banned from radio stations, talked about by Talib Kweli, and the rumor of Reebok booting him, Rick Ross steps up to the plate like a man is suppose to. He apologizes for the lyric was “interpreted as rape” in the “U.O.E.N.O.” track. Great move #BOSS. Drop down bottom to check that out.

(Video + Pictures) Lil Wayne Is In Even MORE Trouble!!!

In an open letter sent to Vibe Magazine, the Estate of Emmett Till writes Lil Wayne addressing his choice of controversial lyrics on the new Future single, Karate Chop. Peep the letter in full after the jump.

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