NYPD Cop Who Stomped On The Head Of a Victim is Found Guilty

As we all know, taking a video of a police officer abusing their power is sometimes not enough evidence to get him/her convicted but it does have its perks. In this case, an NYPD officer was caught on camera literally stomping on a man’s head in Bedstuy. Thankfully, the video was enough for the justice system to make right of this sick altercation.

(Video) BUSTED: NYPD Arrests Over 100 NYC Gangs Members

The bust in New York was too real today. Nearly 1,000 law enforcement officials looked up 100 suspected gang members. They ran down on the Eastchester Gardens NYCHA housing complex in Williamsbridge where they caught their suspects.

(Video) Update: Ex-NYPD Cop Will NOT See Prison In Shooting That Killed Akai Gurley

Today is sentencing day for ex-NYPD police officer Peter Liang. Back in February, Liang was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for shooting and killing Akai Gurley. Shortly after the verdict, Liang was let go from his job. While patrolling a housing unit in Brooklyn, Liang fired his gun once, which killed Gurley who happened to be in the staircase at the time.

Police Offer A Few More Details About Chinx’s Murder

As we approach a year since the untimely death of Far Rockaway rapper Chinx, his murder still remains unsolved. The NYPD know little more than they did at the time of the shooting, but today, they’ve announced they at least know a tiny bit more than before. Shooting down rumors of a drive-by, Lt. Rudolph confirms that they believe it was indeed a targeted shooting, revealing that someone walked up to Chinx’s car and shot him directly.

NYPD Officer Stripped Of His Gun And Badge After Arresting Postal Worker

A NYPD officer was stripped of his badge and gun after unlawfully arresting postal worker Glen Grays. Lt. Luis Machado was placed on modified duty. The lieutenant and three others were riding pass when they almost hit Gray’s work truck and he yelled at them about it. The cops who were dressed in regular clothing got out of the car and arrested him after frisking him and sending him to the precinct where they charged him with resisting arrest.

Man Stabbed In The Back Near Penn Station

Police are searching for a man and a woman after they stabbed a man in the back while at the 34th street Penn Station. The man was attacked around 3:10pm Friday.

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