As we all know, taking a video of a police officer abusing their power is sometimes not enough evidence to get him/her convicted but it does have its perks. In this case, an NYPD officer was caught on camera literally stomping on a man’s head in Bedstuy. Thankfully, the video was enough for the justice system to make right of this sick altercation.

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Jahmiel Cuffee was stopped for suspicion of possession of marijuana. He was told he was under arrest and eventually multiple cops had him pinned down to the floor, the rest was history.

As we found out today, Judge Alan Marrus convicted Police officer Joel Edouard with third degree assault. Officer Edouard now faces one year in prison. His attorney was not pleased with the results saying:

“Very disappointed with verdict. At this point what we are hoping for is that the police commissioner would save the job of a good man, a good father, and a terrific New York City police officer.”

Yeah…okay. Now, here are some words that speaks some truth and ends this on a good note. Ladies and gents, Judge Alan Marrus,

“He let down several officers in the New York City police department by losing his composure. Admittedly, it was a difficult situation, but he gratuitously stomped on the head of a man being restrained by other police. My verdict is that the defendant is guilty of assault in the third degree”

*Round of applause* Well done Judge, you’ve made us proud.