(Photos) Tech: Samsung Has Ideas of a Smartwatch That Projects On Your Hand!

Samsung put in a patent for a smartwatch that would project a virtual interface on surfaces, including your body!

(Photos) Planes Will Now Stack People?

If you’re claustrophobic, you might want to pop a Xanax before flying in the future. Check out these photos of the proposed diagram Airbus submitted for patent.

Wait What?! Sony Files A Patent For A ‘Smart Wig’ ?!?

Ummm, I know wearable Tech is the new movement, I mean Google Glass is leading the biggest charge, and Samsung has galaxy gear watches, but Sony has filed for the latest piece that may join the tech wearable article….a wig 0_0

(Video) Will The Samsung Smartwatch Look Like THIS?!

This is an Exciting time, This could be a beginning of your phone being worn on your wrist!! Allegedly Samsung will have their smartwatch in the market this fall, but there has not been a bit of any leaks, and that in it’s self is a feat!! We do have a render video after the jump though, put together from patents and specs, and it’s pretty damn cool! Hit and See!!

Apple Wants To Patent A Wireless WHAT???

Apple submitted a new patent application today, for a wireless display to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The wireless display would be a touchscreen that detaches from its laptop base and has wireless charging. The display and base will communicate through a 60 GHz wireless chip and any type of data transmission can be used like Bluetooth and WiFi.

Apple’s New Patent Protects Your Phone From WHAT?!?

Apple has just received a patent for a protective mechanism for an electronic device. The patent is for a mechanism that will change the position of the falling phone in mid fall so it doesn’t damage the glass screen. A sensor within the device should send a signal to determine when it should activate the mechanism.

Auto:(Photos) WHOA! Lamborghini SUV Coming?? You NEED To See This!

Even though the majority of us will never be able to afford this car, it is still nice to dream and look at right? Anytime you see a Lamborghini or read about one online, odds are you stop and take notice anyway. The one thing you would never expect from the supercar company is almost here….an SUV! The main pic of this post was just a concept Lamborghini Urus, which will be the name of the SUV if it is ever produced. But that was just a concept. No patent, no serious planning behind it. That, however is now changing! In the age of everyone trying to steal car ideas and designs, Lamborghini went ahead and submitted patent paperwork in China yesterday to protect the design. What does that mean? Well to the average person, not much, but to car enthusiasts and the rich, it means the concept idea just became a hell of alot closer to becoming reality. The design looks real mean on this crossover. You can see a little bit of the BMW X6 in the look, but everything else looks exactly what you might picture a Lambo SUV to be. Remember, just because it may be out of your price range now, doesn’t mean you won’t hit the lottery one day and be stuntin’ around town with this. Check the gallery after the jump for the patent images.

RIM Makes First Patent Payment to Nokia For $65 Million

Last week we reported that RIM settled a patent dispute with Nokia, but the amount of the settlement was’nt disclosed when RIM and Nokia settled. The word is RIM recently made a one time payment to Nokia for $65 million . Now that the payment is made RIM and Nokia will enter a settlement of all patent litigation between both companies in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. And no further action will be taken on Nokia’s end. The payment will end up in Nokia’s 3rd quarter earnings in 2013. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

EU Stops Samsung From Patent Raid

In a country where competition is heavily prevalent, many companies are forced to go to extremes to set themselves away from the others. It’s not always easy to compete with competition, especially when they’re a billion-dollar company who makes leading technology products. Samsung’s attempt to patent-block companies came up as a big FAIL! Story after the jump… Tat Wza

Tech Talk News: Apple Settles Patent Problems With HTC!!!

On Sunday HTC and Apple both put their issues a side and ended their patent battle.  Apple  has agreed to a 10-year licensing deal with HTC.  This is the first time Apple has licensed a patent deal with any Google Android manufacture. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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