IFWT_Samsung smartwatch

Samsung put in a patent for a smartwatch that would project a virtual interface on surfaces, including your body!

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Samsung applied for a patent that describes smartwatch technology that would project a virtual interface onto the wearers body and other surfaces. The patent also shows similar technology used in VR headsets that would project visuals onto nearby surfaces.

Diagrams from Samsung’s patent shows their smartwatch technology projecting dial pads and menus onto different surfaces, including the wearer’s body. The watch would make it capable for the wearer to interact with the interface as you would similar to a VR headset.

While this is a patent it does not mean that this is in development for Samsung. However, it does open the door up for more ideas in smartwatch technology. But in order for something like this to be ground breaking, it would need to have some sort of practical everyday use. Maybe something even close to smartphone functionalities.

Who knows, if it does go into development and technology is sophisticated enough by then, this type of smartwatch could replace the smartphone!

As it is, Lazertouch, a mobile projector that can project a holographic interface and is compatible with android devices is gearing up for pre-order. So this type of technology becoming wearable isn’t too far out of reach!

Source: The Verge