(Photos) Tech: Samsung Has Ideas of a Smartwatch That Projects On Your Hand!

Samsung put in a patent for a smartwatch that would project a virtual interface on surfaces, including your body!

Motorola’s New Smart Watch “Moto 360” Sets Price At $249

Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch is set to start at $249 which is just as much as the Pebble Steel but less than the Gear 2. The smart watch is rumored to drop in July, and features a unique circular face unlike most of it’s others competitors. It also has all metal with leather or metal straps. The glass on the watch is sapphire glass which is rumored to be compatible with the iphone 6 and iwatch, which could most definitely hike up the price. Check out the pics of the watch in the gallery.

(Video) Will.i.Am Debuts His OWN Smartwatch That Doesn’t Need A Phone

I actually want to know more about this watch, which apparently launches in July. From the video we know it can make calls, do Twitter, IG, FB, have music(more than Will.iAm’s)….”That’s Amazing”.

(Photos+Video) Samsung Drops NEW Devices Including Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Ok what an exciting day, Samsung unveiled a couple things like The Note 3, a new 10.1 tablet, and it’s Galaxy Gear, a Smartwatch which is the latest upcoming rage in technology, ‘Wearable Tech’. Drop down, check the specs, lets see if this going to be the 2014 takeover.

YESSS It’s Official!!! The Samsung Smartwatch!!!

Samsung’s VP of mobile business, Lee Young-hee has confirmed in an interview that Samsung will be launching its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, on September 4.

(Video) Will The Samsung Smartwatch Look Like THIS?!

This is an Exciting time, This could be a beginning of your phone being worn on your wrist!! Allegedly Samsung will have their smartwatch in the market this fall, but there has not been a bit of any leaks, and that in it’s self is a feat!! We do have a render video after the jump though, put together from patents and specs, and it’s pretty damn cool! Hit and See!!

Niiice….Samsung Smart Watch Expected To Debut WHEN?!

We are all aware of the smartwatch hype we just have been hearing a lot of talking not much action lately. Thankfully Samsung is reportedly unveiling it’s smartwatch in early September. Samsung is beating Apple to the punch with this but hopefully their plan doesn’t back fire since Apple isn’t rumored to debut theirs until sometime next year. They are planning to show off the smartwatch “Samsung Gear” along with the Galaxy Note III during a press conference. The source of all this information is anonymous with issuing this information of the launch but Samsung did confirm in March that it’s developing a smartwatch so hopefully by September time we will get a taste of what Samsung Gear will have to offer us.

Google Is Developing New Products That Run On WHAT?!?!

Back in March, rumors were going around about Google creating a SmartWatch. Well, those close to the company are saying it’s true, the company is creating a SmartWatch along with a new game console.

Microsoft Has Been Working On A New Device!!!!!

Microsoft is joining Apple, Samsung and Google in creating a smartwatch. Sources are saying, Microsoft has been in development of this new device for over a year. The company’s smartwatch will have a 1.5-inch display and the Xbox team is said to be heading this project.

Another SmartWatch Rumor?!?

After Apple, Samsung and Google, Now LG is rumored to be developing a smartwatch. According to The Korea Times that LG has development of the next-generation watch, as well as a smart product similar to Google’s Glass.

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