Just When You Almost Forgot About Paula Deen, Her Cook Speaks Out!!

Paula Deen. What hasn’t been said about her since she went on the record with her racist comments and then apologized and then more racist stuff came out? Well, now her personal cook has a few more stories that solidify Deen’s place in Racism’s Hall Of Fame. Check them out after the jump.

(Photos) When Paula Deen Asks A Question,This Is What She Gets…

Paula Deen is trying to make nicey nice after her entire scandal and firing her agent and her legal team. She posted this question to Twitter: “My favorite potluck is____RT me your answer!” She gets trolled hard by her followers. Check out the hilarious responses from the gallery.

Wait What?! Protesters Want Alec Baldwin Dropped From Capital One ?!?!

So they’re trying to do Alec Baldwin like they did Rick Ross and Lil Wayne huh…ok. Hit the jump for the full story!

Paula Deen Fires Her Agent

Following her huge fall from grace, Paula Deen fired her agent. After Deen’s deposition leaked in which she used the “n-word” numerous times she was dropped from The Food Network, Walmart, Target, and every other place she had a deal with. Today her rep., Elana Weiss, announced that Deen has decided to cut ties with Barry Weiner. Read what Paula’s agent said about the split below.

OH HELL NO: Paula Deen Gets Offered A MILF Porno Deal?!?!?!?!

Is this real life? Sadly, the answer is yes. Paula Deen has been offered a six-figure deal from a MILF porno website called PureMature.com after losing almost ALL of her sponsorships due to her recent N-word drama.

OUCH! Publisher Decides To Drop Paula Deen’s #1 Cookbook

And the saga continues…. Paula Deen’s racial comments have gotten her into some serious sh*t. She got fired from the Food Network, then she got dropped from ten other companies. Now to put the icing on the cake, her cookbook that reached #1 on the charts from Amazon pre-orders is no longer being printed by the publishing company.

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