(Video) Lmao…New Zealand Politician Gets A Dildo Thrown At His Face

Flying dildos. New Zealand politician Steven Joyce was hit in the face during a press conference by an unruly “protester”. She tried to send a serious message, but she actually wound up laughing after all was said and done. Hit the jump for this hilarious video.

Toronto Politician Tells Meek Mill To Stay Away From The City!!!

Artists, especially the ones with rap-like reputations, are being banned from places all around the world. 2 Chainz from all Las Vegas clubs, Chris Brown banned from escaping the Philippines; and now a Toronto politician – council member – tells Meek Mill that it will not be all rainbows and unicorns if he comes to the city. Find out more down bottom.

2 Chainz Is Waiting To See If He Has The Right Qualifications To Run For Mayor!

2 Chainz is a man of many talents. Not only he is a rapper with a bunch of hit singles that topped the charts at #1, but he is also a professional Marijuana debater and now plans to add “politician” to his already impressive resume! He recently revealed in an interview with XXL that he plans to run for Mayor in his hometown of College Park, Georgia, although he has mentioned his interest in doing so in other interviews prior. When asked about participating in a rematch with Nancy Grace, the rapper explains, “I moved on, man. I don’t know what’s going on up there. I know I’ve been getting a lot of praise and everything. I definitely appreciate the love that came behind me.” He then went on to add, “I’m a musician, not a politician. I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing. I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I’m just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications.” Would you vote for 2 Chainz if he ran for Mayor in your local city? After seeing his extremely impressive debate, I believe he would definitely get my vote. 2 CHAAAIIIINNNZZZZZ!

(Caught On Tape) Chicago Politician Gets Knocked For Getting Lap Dances By Strippers In Office

Chicago politician Jason Ervin wanted to have a memorable bachelor party before he got married in February of 2012, so he decided to invite the strippers to his place of work to twerk it out for some pre-marital fun. However, after the video went viral via YouTube, the alderman has been under fire for the explicit actions. Although there is technically nothing illegal about the actions, it’s just real embarrassing at the end of the day. “Let me be clear, I never used City or campaign funds for this event. This event was not held in my Aldermanic or political office, but on another floor of the building, where neither City nor political funds are spent,” Ervin went on to explain. Check out the full news report below.

(Video) The Realness: Eliot Spitzer & Scott Stringer Talks About Running For Comptroller OF NYC!

These guys are cutthroat – that’s a politician for you! NYC, today is the primary voting day, so go out and vote for your COMPTROLLER. They control the money, decided where the money goes, and it’s all money from the tax-payers (that means YOU) so, get the guy you want in. Hit the jump and check out Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer talk to Hot 97’s Morning Show on their view-points.

(*Warning* Graphic 18+ Photos) Anthony Weiner’s Explicit Wiener Text Photo’s Leak!!! [Ladies Only – Full Exposure]

Anthony Weiner has been up to his old habits. As a politician most hold you to a higher standard, however I don’t think Weiner got the memo, since his ‘johnson’ has been exposed over cell phones across the world! After resigning for this madness in 2011, everyone assumed that his antics had ended, but I don’t think so. Hit the jump and check out the naked photos as well as the text messages from the woman he sent them to. New York, this could be your future mayor. Explicit, so 18+ ONLY!

(Video) LOL!! Marijuana Hating Politician Busted With Marijuana!!!

Hypocrisy never fails with these politicians! Steve Katz, an Assemblyman representing Westchester County in New York, was pulled over at a stoplight in Albany and was caught with marijuana in his car. He voted against legalizing weed in New York in 2011 and also put out a statement a few days ago promoting the “struggle against illegal drug culture and the abuse of narcotics” because he’s on the Assembly’s Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee! He probably shouldn’t be in charge of making decisions regarding marijuana…He even got burned by Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden, who said “Be true to yourself. If you like marijuana and smoke marijuana, at least vote for it.” Check out a video of Steve Katz after the jump.

(Photos) CRAZY Moment An Assassin Pulls The Trigger On Politician And It Backfires!!!

This is a truly incredible photo! A Bulgarian politician was at  a stand talking to a crowd when an assassin pulled a gun and aimed it at his face to shoot him.  The assassin’s gun backfired and the politician had time to escape.  Ahmed Dogan is the leader of the movements for Rights and Freedom. Hit the jump for the pic Steph B

Tech Talk Web: NJ Mayor Cory Booker Starts Up A Teen Social Media Webiste!!

Cory Booker is a smart politician. Dude has done a lot of work as mayor of Newark and he is starting up a social media site as an outlet to reach out to younger generations. Check out Booker’s new site #waywire after the jump which is receiving support from some big names also by the way. ShottaDru X TatWza Check Out #Waywire, Social Media Site of Mayor Cory Booker! Cory Booker, the socially savvy mayor of Newark, N.J., who has used Twitter to help residents burrow out of foot-deep snow and whose other heroics have spawned the “Super Mayor” meme, is co-founding a media startup aimed at the millennial generation called #waywire.

Politician Gets Photographed Having Sex In The Forest!

Cameras are regularly hidden in the wild in order to monitor environmental changes and that is usually the only action they capture.  This time the cameras caught some snapshots of a politician getting nasty in the forest!  His name remains anonymous and he could be off the hook, find out why after the jump. Steph Bassanini

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