@HOT97 Introduces NEW App “WHERE HIP HOP LIVES” #whereHIPHOPlives

Finally, all those needing Hip Hop at your fingertips on a 24 hour basis, with East and West coast flavor with that new new, then “Where Hip Hop Lives” is the App for you….did I mention that all those over seas or out of the U.S. can get back in action and start listening to your favorite Hip Hop station? Yeah you can do that…

(Video) Check Out The 1st Full Episode Of HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

I couldn’t wait to get up and check this out on HBOGo this morning, but if you don’t have access to the ‘Go’, but since then HBO put the episode on their YouTube page, so enjoy!!!

Hatwear: The Caps “Grape Edition” Bucket Hat

The Caps is a premium hat brand devoted to providing its customers with specially crafted caps that are unparalleled in design and purpose. The brand was founded in Durham, North Carolina. They deliver products that are distinct from any other brand in the global market due to precise craftsmanship and the empowerment given to their customers through their personalization and an option that allows them to customize their Caps. The products are made to order, which is a rarity in the 21st century due to the common practice of mass production. They focus on quality not quantity. The Caps bring a unique element to the fashion industry and that element is “premium caps”. The Caps bring a unique element to the fashion industry and that element is “premium caps”.There is a divine purpose behind the name The Caps. It is an acronym, Children Against Pressured Society, the brand was developed to not only provide a premium accessory, but to also advocate radical thought and encourage individuality. You may order a cap from their official website. Hit the jump to check out more pics of the bucket cap.

Kicks: @Nike x Blazer Mid Premium “Medium Grey”

Were looking at a Nike Classic here with the same style number and all!. Nike is retro-ing the Nike Blazer Premium. Hit the jump to get a better look and more info……….

Kicks: @Nike x Air Max 90 Premium “Total Crimson”

Check out the new Nike Air Max 90 Premium “Total Crimson”. hit the jump to see the gallery and tell us what you think….

Gas Prices Back To $4.00 By Valentines Day?!?!

Is this the highest Gas prices have ever been at this time of year? Yes it is! Hit the jump for the full story. Gas prices, most similar to roller coaster rides dues to the shiftiness, are on the rise once again. Gas prices have followed stock and oil prices because they’re on the rise too!. Oil and equities have risen sharply over the last few weeks, as the Dow Jones reached 14,000 for the first time since 2007. Right no crude oil prices are at $117 a barrel, while the U.S. oilprice is near $98 a barrel! The national average price of gas across the U.S. is $3.50 per gallon. I know you all could agrees with me on this one, I really hope the National Average doesn’t get to $4.00! AliTheGreatest

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