Whaaaaat?! Paparazzi Threatens Kim Kardashians Life ?!?!

It’s pretty much a known fact that Kim Kardashian has called the paparazzi on herself to ensure that she’s being photographed. But now things have changed and Kim wants to be left alone. When she let the paparazzi know this they threatened her life! Hit the jump for more…

Microsoft Wants To Protect Your Privacy

Microsoft just released a new ad campaign for Internet Explorer that talks about the “Do Not Track” setting to help protect your privacy. The company launched a new site that is dedicated to protecting your online privacy.

Facebook Lets You Manage More Personal Privacy Content

The on going issues with social networking are typically Privacy & Discretion. Facebook deals with a lot of both; which often times becomes more of how they responded rather than what happened. They’ve developed a slew of new features that should help make every users experience a better one. Things you don’t fully understand can be extremely difficult to work with; but knowing something in and out, front to back makes a world of a difference. Facebook takes you into their Newsroom to give you some newly generated tips & tricks to help better your social networking experience! Tat Wza

Do Recent Facebook Policy Changes Effect You???

Facebook has come a long way; from the college-only network to the largest social-networking site on the web. Constantly making adjustments  and changes to better fit the status quo, Facebook does all necessary to make sure the moves they make are fair and just. Faced with challenges ranging from inappropriate images to job threatening posts, even information availability; Facebook tries to cover all angles. They could easily do nothing about it, rather they ask for comments and opinions  from the end-users themselves. For those that say Facebook only cares about themselves, the ball is in your court now. Speak Up, Be Heard! Tat Wza

British Schools Put Cameras In Bathrooms!

One would have to think that this is an invasion of privacy. Well its not according to the King Ecgbert School who put cameras in all 12 bathrooms. While the school feels this is a way to keep their children safe, many argue they better find an even better reasoning. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Tech Talk Web: The Numbers Are In! Users Vote On Facebook Privacy Policy Changes!

Facebook put the power in the hands of the people recently by allowing us to vote for changes we would like in their privacy policy. Even though a lot of people complain about the policy the people did not handle it properly. Details of what I am talking about after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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