(Photos) Khloe Kardashian Gives Her Range Rover A Complete Make-Over & Wraps It In Velvet!

Khloe Kardashian just did the unthinkable with her Range Rover, and we’re absolutely loving it! The reality TV star took her car to get wrapped in black velvet (yes that’s right, VELVET!) She posted a photo of her fancy whip on the ‘Gram with a caption that reads: “Beast!!!!! @selfmaderyan told me to trust him and he didn’t let me down!! Thank you @westcoastcustoms for lacing my range,” she captioned the photo above. “Yes, he wrapped my truck in velvet and I LOVE it!!! I feel like my car is rocking a Sean John sweat suit.” Take a look at KoKo’s awesome whip in the gallery!

Kylie Jenner Can’t Fit All Her Cars In The Garage So She’s Selling Her Range!

Rich people problems 101. Kylie Jenner is having issues fitting all of her luxurious cars into the garage, so she’s mad the executive decision to put one of her whips up for sale. Unfortunately for her tricked out white 2014 Range Rover Autobiography, it’s time to say bye bye. Kylie paid a total of $195K for the Range brand new along with an additional $15K to pimp it out. Her current asking price for the car is $173K but the only thing is she wants CASH ONLY or else no deal. She has been going through a private broker to help get her vehicle sold faster. Since she just received a new G-Wagon AND a Ferrari from her rapping bae Tyga, who has time to be dealing with cars from 2014? Like…seriously.

(Photo) Oh Man! Did Kylie Jenner Get Involved In Another Car Crash?!

Those streets can be dangerous! Kylie Jenner hasn’t had much luck with driving ever since she got her license. The Jenner/Kardashian was driving home from dinner Thursday night when she got into a major fender Bender. More Details after the jump!

(Photos) Check Out This Modified Range Rover In West London!!

After flying into West London, a rich Saudi tourist also flew in his modified gold Range Rover — worth £150,000 ($252,759.00). The car’s normal design was replaced with a customized body-kit. According to sources, cars like these are not uncommon in London as many rich Saudi tourists opt for them when they leave the desert. Check them out after the jump.

(Video&Photos) NBA: So Foul! Rookie Gets His Range Rover Filled With Popcorn For Doing What?

Being a rookie sucks sometimes. You gotta do all the b*tch work for the team you play for such as carry bags, go get food for the other players, and in this case bring donuts to practice. Except Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert forgot the donuts and he paid for it by having to clean buttery popcorn out of his range rover after practice. It was all in fun but you know he would of been mad if the butter stained the leather. Hit the jump for pics and the video.

(Photos + Video) SMH NYPD! Undercovers Did Nothing As Bikers Beat SUV Driver!

There has been an alarming update to the biker brawl that took place on the Westside Highway. An undercover officer, riding with the bikers, stood by and did not intervene as a man was brutally beaten by members of his crew! The officer, who feared blowing his cover, watched motorcyclists pull Alexian Lien out of his Range Rover and proceeded to give him a beat down, that ended in a slashing near W. 178th Street. To read more and see pictures, click below.

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