Auto:(Photos)Hate It Or Love It: Check Out What Chad Johnson Did To His New Range

Chad Johnson loves the Matte look on his rides. He already did it with his smart car and his Rolls Royce. Now he is back at it again with his brand new Range Rover. Chad definitely was one of the lucky people to put a deposit down on the new Range because he got his already and there is a 6 month to a year waiting list in the U.S. for the new Range. Me personally I love the Matte look on this Range. Some rides it doesn’t go well but this looks like a perfect match. He posted the pics of the ride on his Instagram with the captions “”I hate cheating on my Smart Car but the ass on “Lady Bug Jones” forced me to purchase.” He also added “@theautofirm #alexvega Tint my windows I’d like to drive this weekend.” The second comment was directed at auto firm which is the company finishing off the look. You already know what I think, so let us know who you feel. Check out the images in the gallery and then take the poll after the jump. Hate it or Love it!

Auto: What Car Is Already Sold Out For A Year In The U.S.?

If your one of the many people in the U.S. who love Range Rovers, and can afford to get one, you are going to be waiting quite a while. Chris Marchand, the Vice President of operations at Jaguar Land Rover North America said the Range is “sold out for 6 months to a year”. If you were smart enough to put a deposit down a while back, you will get your Rover much sooner. But for the people who were hoping to walk into a dealership this year and buy one off the lot you got another thing coming. Last year, they sold 43,664 vehicles world wide. Even with the price tag of just under $89,000, Land Rover still expects to sell more this year due to the high demand itself. They are not sure when they will be able to catch up full to orders, but believe me they will make it happen.

(Video) LMAO! Woman Asks Dealership To Test Drive A Range Rover & Never Comes Back!

A Michigan woman was able to pull off a robbery ended with her driving away from a car dealership in a Range Rover, Tuesday Jan. 29, all because she played it smart, distracted the employers and just acted cool. And she stole it.. ALL BY HERSELF! The unidentified suspect walked into Wes Financial Auto in Dearborn, Michigan and tricked an entire staff just by distracting them. The dealership requires that potential customers provide two forms of I.D. before they are allowed to go for a test drive. Since there were so many sales people at the dealership, the woman went from one person to another, until she was able to get her hands on a key. “She goes, ‘Ah…I’m here to see the Range Rover,” said owner, Wes Issa. “I go’ Which one?’ She says, ‘The silver one.’ And I’m like ‘Okay’….she says, ‘Thanks babe,’ and walks out. “The other sales guy handed her the key thinking that I already took the license from her and her IDs,” Issa explained. Because she left behind no information, there’s no way to track her down—unless police find the car somewhere, but it may be too late. “I don’t know what they’re doing with these vehicles,” Issa said. “Chopping them, selling them for parts. I don’t know what’s going on. I mean, whatever it is, it’s hurting us.” The dealer ship is offering $3,000 for the woman to be found or at car. But….. good luck with that, buddy! SMH!

(Photos) Nice!! Fabolous Shows Off His New Cars!!

“Niceeee” Fab voice! Looks like Fabolous bought two brand new cars… black on black! And of course when Fab posted the pics, he had to hashtag like crazy so we all got the message. Click below and hit the gallery to check out the pics. Let us know what you think of the cars!

Auto:(Photos) Which Luxury Cars Are Worth The Least??

I guess some luxury cars really are not worth all that luxury after all. Investopedia recently did a story on luxury cars that lose value the fastest. I was definitely surprised that a Mercedes S class was on the list, but I was not surprised Range Rovers are on the list because I have known for years they do not hold their value. Range Rovers on average can drop as much as 85% in value in the 5 years after purchase. The study was based on average resell price 5 years after the original purchase. Take a look at the gallery above for 3 other luxury cars that lose their value the fastest. IamJOE357

Tyga Responds To Leaked Video Where He’d Said He Had It Easy Growing Up In The Suburbs

Earlier this week, a video surfaced of an unaired show that was supposed to be on MTV called Bustas. The show, hosted by West coast legend Kurupt, focused on rappers that were trying to get a deal and put them through various challenges. Apparently it never made it to the airwaves, but somehow TMZ got their hands on a rather damaging clip featuring one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, Tyga. Filmed before he’d go on to achieve commercial success with 2008’s “Lime In The Coconut,” the California rapper bragged about his easy upbringing in the Valley and the Range Rovers his parents drove. That’d be cool and all, as street cred is no longer a major thing in the rap game (Kanye for example), but the issue lies in how contradictory this is to Tyga’s claims of growing up in the hood: the notorious city of Compton. So which is it, T-Raw? Are you from the Valley or are you from Compton? He took to his Instagram late last night to make a statement about it. See what he said in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

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