(Video) Bikers Speak Out On West Side Highway Road Rage Incident: “We’re The Victims”

After the incident occurred on the West Side Highway between a group of bikers and a man driving a Range Rover, there has been different speculations on who’s the victim and who’s at fault. Funk Flex had one of the bikers call up during his show to tell their side of the story, which was way different from how the media is portraying the situation. Fox 5 & Hot 97’s Lisa Evers also spoke with some of the motorcyclists involved. They don’t believe it’s right that they’re being looked at as the bad guys when the man driving the SUV was at fault, too. Check out the news report below and see what they had to say.

Auto:(Video) It Must Be Nice To Be James Bond

Turns out sometimes James Bond only has to work for 007 seconds. Daniel Craig, who played James Bond in the most recent Bond movie made an apperance at the New York Auto Show last week. He was there on behalf of Land Rover to show off the new 2014 Range Rover. All he had to do was drive the Range out onto the stage, step out and waive hello and walk off. Literally a total of 7 seconds. For those 7 seconds of his life he was paid $1 million dollars!! That breaks down to about $143,000 per second. What a life! Check out all the work he had to do after the jump.

Daniel Craig Got Paid $1 Million To Do WHAT?!

Daniel Craig recently stared as James Bond in Skyfall and if that didn’t bring in enough money, Craig recently got paid $1 million for less than 15 minutes of work! The actor was a guest at the New York Auto Show, posed in front of a Range Rover, and left within 10 minutes. Guests at the Auto Show were not pleased that they couldn’t get a picture or even a good look at Craig. See what a rep for Range Rover said about the incident below.

(Photos) Caught On Camera: Guess Which Celeb Was Texting While Driving In A 90k Range Rover?! SMH!

I know celebs are human & some may consider texting while driving ‘normal,’ it’s definitely not something to joke around about. It’s bad enough to text & drive, but even worse when you’re being watched by the whole world — being looked up to! The car was a gift for her 16th birthday and though she may be a year older, she doesn’t seem like she got wiser! Oh, and mind you — this isn’t the first time she’s been caught texting behind the wheel. Back when her older sister was 17, she got into a bad accident so we hope this star doesn’t fall into her sisters’ footsteps. Find out which reality star celeb it was below!

Auto:(Photo) Another Kardashian, Another New Ride

The Kardashian family clearly can never be behind the times. Why else would you get rid of a 2012 Range that didn’t get much use at all and go for the new 2013 Range instead. I am not debating how nice Khloe Kardashian’s new Range Rover is with the white on white. I am just wondering why? But I guess when money is no object, you do as you please, not what’s practical. I wonder if Lamar wrote the check for this ride, or was it more of that talentless Kardashian money. Can you tell I am not the biggest fan? But I also am not a hater. The Range is hot, and it’s even more exclusive knowing the majority of people in the U.S. will be waiting 6 months on average to purchase a new rover. Check out the pic in the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Photo) Ludacris Gets A Custom Range Rover

There is a waiting list in the U.S. for the new Range Rover for about 6 months to a year. But that did not stop Ludacris from getting his on time. I am a big fan of white cars, but especially white Range Rover’s. Luda went beyond that though and had his customized on the inside. The red leather interior reminds me of the “Scarface” days, but it still looks dope to this day. Check out the pic he posted on Instagram in the gallery after the jump.

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