Future Is Sitting On 3 R&B Albums Worth Of Material

Future is continuing his reign on trap music, hyping up our own Ebro with the idea of him having 3 r&b albums worth of music stashed away…hit the jump.

What?! New Study Says Sitting Down All Day Can Kill You!

A new study says that sitting down all day can kill you even if you exercise. Read more on the interesting story after the jump!

Well Damn! A ‘Smart Cushion’ That Can Tell You What?

Talk about the movement to an all “smart” universe(Finally you can say ‘Smart A**’ and mean it?), the Darma Smart Cushion was introduced yesterday….and now you get your heart rate through your A** 0_0

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Guy Sits Down Next To Street And Gets WIPED Out

This is horrible, I mean this poor guy was tired, popped a squat and BOOM, Car comes out of no where and he’s gone.

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