(Photos+Video) Tesla Unveils Groundbreaking New Technology!

This is going to change the way we use power in our daily lives forever. The future is going to depend on new forms of energy. Tesla is tackling this issue head on by releasing their new Tesla Energy home and office batteries. Tesla has been releasing information on their new home and office technology but last night in Los Angeles they finally unveiled their revolutionary new products. Check out the details and video of the amazing new technology after the jump!

Tech Talk Device: Red Cross Plans On Saving Life, Battery Life!!!!

I was in KissFM stressing this Beautiful Woman(no Names necessary, cause she isn’t in to me like that) and I ran across this device meant to save lives, and by lives I do mean Battery Life, and they plan on doing it With a Solar Powered Emergency Radio, and Arm Power if you need it, Hit th Jump on the Ipso Facto. +TatWZA

Tech Talk NEW: Is This The Best Apple Patent Yet???

I believe So, Or at least it could be, one you look at it, you’ll know Why!!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: SOLAR LIGHTBULBS!!

Inventor Steve Katsaros finally perfected the design for a solar lightbulb. Now the sun can shine even when the stars are out! Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

Tech Talk Device: The Super Solar Wireless Keyboard You Need In Your Life!!!

 This keyboard is what we need more of in every computing Device possible, if you ask me, but I know you didn’t, I was just saying IF you did, THAT was it -_- But seriously Although we may not think a solar powered keyboard is a big deal, but if used widely it may not only save over all power consumption, it may spark the change to solar power, which as a society, we really need, but see how it works after the jump! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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