(Photos) UFC: Nevada State Senator Says Nick Diaz’s Weed Suspension Is Bullsh*t!

While many of us share the same sentiments as Nevada State Senator, Tick Segerblom, I think it is safe to say that we didn’t expect support of Nick Diaz to come from someone in a government office. Nick Diaz has been suspended from the UFC for testing positive for marijuana for the third time. His suspension will last for 5 years. SMH.

NFL: Tom Brady Breaks His Silence, Makes First Statement Since Having Suspension Overturned!

Yesterday as you know, a judge overturned Tom Brady’s four game suspension for his alleged role in “Deflate Gate”. While it’s not completely over due to further appeals, nonetheless it’s still a victory for the 4-time Super Bowl champ. He spoke for the first time since the ruling via a post on his Facebook page.

(Video) NFL: 100-Year Old Lady Yells ‘Free Tom Brady’ As She Throws Football

New England Patriots fans have of course been speaking out against the four-game suspension levied upon quarterback Tom Brady for the deflate gate scandal.  The fans have rallied and protested in support of their dear, beloved quarterback.  This one fan however is extra special.  A 100-year old woman threw a football as she chanted “Free Tom Brady”.  Now how can you say no to such a sweet, little old woman?

NFL: Report, Greg Hardy’s 10 Game Suspension Reduced To 4 Games On Appeal

Greg Hardy beat and threatened to kill his ex girlfriend but he somehow was just able to get his 10 games suspension for the upcoming season, reduced to 4 games after appealing the original decision.

(Video) NBA: JR Smith is One Flagrant Foul Away From a Suspension

J.R. Smith got suspended for his first flagrant foul of the playoffs, a flagrant-2 against the Celtics for taking a shot to Jae Crowder‘s head.  Smith picked up a second flagrant foul in Game 5 of the NBA Finals for trying to run through Draymond Green. This time it was just a flagrant-1, but that still gives him four flagrant points.  Another flagrant-1 would trigger a one-game suspension. A flagrant-2 would trigger a two-game suspension.

NFL: Roger Goodell Announces He Personally Will Hear Tom Brady’s Appeal Of His Suspension

This clearly is not a good thing for Brady, the Patriots or the NFLPA. Yesterday Tom Brady officially filed his appeal of the four game suspension he is facing for his alleged role in “deflate gate”. The Players Association had asked for an independent person to hear the appeal, but because of the power Goodell has, he declined and instead appointed himself as the person to hear the appeal, which obviously is a clear conflict of interest.

NFL: Greg Hardy Surrenders 10 Guns To Authorities, Including At Least 6 Military Rifles And 3 Shotguns

Last year, Greg Hardy played only one game after being arrested on domestic violence charges. After he was arrested, Hardy agreed to surrender the 10 guns after his ex-girlfriend reported he kept 25-3- guns in 2 Charlotte residences. After signing a one-year contract with the Cowboys this hardy, Hardy was given a 10-game suspension stemming from his arrest in 2014.

NFL: Report, Patriots Are Expecting Lengthy Suspension For Tom Brady

The golden boy of the NFL may soon find himself watching Patriots games from home just like another fan. After the Wells Report was released and essentially called Brady a cheater and said he personally knew the balls were being deflated, reactions have been very mixed. The ball is now in the commissioner’s court and he is expected to rule this week but the Patriots are already preparing for the worst.

(Photos) UFC: Jon Jones Could Be Gone For Good

Last week, #IFWT reported that Jon Jones was suspended indefinitely from the UFC after he was suspected in a hit-and-run accident. According to his manager, even if the suspension is lifted, Jones could be done for good. Click more for the full story!

(Video) NBA: LeBron Plays Mob Boss And J.R. Smith Is Ejected, Suspension??

In a series that many predicted would play out just the way it did, many did not expect the Celtics to put up too much of a fight. But, they did exactly that and may have caused some real issue for the Cavs going forward.

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