Funk Flex Presents #5MinutesOfFunk008 with Dj Roli Rho

Like Dj Khaled says, Another 1! Back in it to win it, for the Culture at least, Funk Flex presenting that DJ talent that doesn’t get the shine that the usual suspects get, here’s the light!

Sports: Dick Vitale Destroys Kim Kardashian With Question on Twitter

Geeeeeez, on her wedding weekend too?! That’s cold Dick. Lol.  Dick Vitale had a question about Kim Kardashian late last night that had fans laughing.  I really like Kim and think people give her a hard time for no reason, but this is the ONE main question that I hear A LOT of people always asking.  Kanye isn’t going to be happy about it.  Check it out…

NBA: Charles Barkley Takes A Shot At Amar’e Stoudemire!! Is He Right??

Fans of basketball know by now to expect Charles Barkley to always give you something to talk about. Never one to bite his tongue on his opinion, Chuck took a shot at Amare Stoudemire earlier this week while doing an interview. The inner Knicks fan in me doesn’t want to agree with him, but the realistic basketball fan inside knows he might be right. Hit the jump to see what he said.

Dj Enuff Is Looking For new Interns To Blog For…Do You Got What It Takes?!?

If you do, you have your finger o the pulse of what’s going on out here, send your resume’ [email protected]!!

(Video) LOL! “Breaking Bad”s Aaron Paul Shows Off His Best Talent

Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul went on the Jimmy Kimmel show to display his best talent besides acting on the show. The result is hilarious and Breaking Bad related. Check out the funny video after the jump.

Oh, Hell No! Joseline Hernandez Taking Shots At WHO?!

Okay, I have nothing against the strippers. They have to make a living as well, but Joseline needs to recognize where she came from…the pole! Always saying something to piss someone off, Steebie’s new wife takes a diss at someone I found to be – not deserving of the words. Hit the jump and check out who it is.

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