Venezuelan President Fears Coup Backed By The US; Calls For State Of Emergency

What the hell is going on in Venezuela? Everything from food, to medicine, to electricity seems to be scarce. Since the recent impeachment of Brazil’s first woman’s president, Dilma Rousseff, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro fears a coup from his own people and some help from none other than the U.S. of A.

McDonald’s French Fries Now Selling for $133 in Venezuela!

McDonald’s French fries are being sold in Venezuela after a 10-month hiatus, but they come at a price: around 800 bolívares, or the equivalent of $133, Fusion reports. Hit the jump to see why.

(Video) Sports: Crazy!! Soccer Player Gets Attacked During Live Interview By A Fan

This isn’t right, but the first thing I did when I saw this video was bust out laughing. This soccer player in Venezuela got hit with a crazy jump kick by a fan that sent him flying, and left the reporter scared to death. No clue who won the game or anything like that, this is all about a flying jump kick!

(Video) 2004 Miss Venezuela And Her Ex Husband Murdered?!

2004 Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear, and he ex husband, Thomas Henry Berry, were murdered after a small traffic accident in Venezuela. The couple was ambushed and gunned down by robbers. Their 5 year old daughter, Maya, survived the attack with a gun shot wound to the leg. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Photos) Venezuelan Thieves Are Holding Women Up At Gun For THIS?!??!

Hair weave killers in Venezuela are holding true to the name. Street life has elevated in South America. Thieves are now holding women up at gunpoint in order to cut their hair and sell it. Hit the jump to see how they do it.

Acting Venezuelan President Slams United States, Plans To Continue Socialist Agenda

When Hugo Chavez died a leadership void became very clear in Venezuela, where Chavez was enforcing a socialist inspired agenda. The country has now solidified their leadership by swearing in Nicolas Maduro as acting President, however in doing so they may have distanced themselves from the United States. Maduro has vowed to continue the socialist agenda of Chavez, but took it even further to say some strong things about the USA. I don’t think the first order of business when you get sworn in is to point fingers is the smartest way to go about things, but in time we will see if this guy can really run a country. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

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