(Video) Parrot May Have Witnessed Owners Murder; Mimics Last Words Before Death

In May of 2015, Martin Duram was shot and killed in his home. Police thought it was a homicide at first. Duram’s wife was shot in the head. Police thought she was dead but she actually made it alive. The story took a turn after police tried to say that she was the suspect.

(Video&Photo) NFL: Aaron Hernandez Back In Court For Shooting Witness, Shows Off New Prison Tattoo

Aaron Hernandez pled not guilty to witness intimidation — denying that he shot his friend in the face to keep him from testifying in a double murder investigation. At the same time we all caught a first glimpse of a new tattoo he got between now and the day he was sentenced.

(Video) NFL: Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyer Says He Witnessed the Murder But Didn’t Do It!

Today the case is wrapping up in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial in the death of his friend Odin Lloyd.  Hernandez is charged with one count of murder and is also facing five weapons charges.  Initially there appeared to be surmounting evidence against Hernandez but today his lawyer dropped a bomb!

Rachel Jeantel, The Witness In George Zimmerman Murder Trial Graduates High School

During her testimony in the George Zimmerman murder trial last summer, Rachel Jeantel was ridiculed for her looks as well as her speech of the English language. Well, these days she has something to rub in the faces of the naysayers – A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Check down bottom for the details.

Charlie Sheen & A Missing Witness For A Burglary – What Do They Have In Common?

Charlie Sheen does sorta remind me of a mafia, on the low, I’ll have things handled type of guy! Break-ups, multiple girlfriends, a baby mama that’s [allegedly] doing some hardcore drugs, endless flow of cash and sex tapes – yeah, sex tape, one that links Charlie to a missing witness in a burglary crime – are all the makings of a mafia king. IJS! Hit the jump for the deets.

*UPDATED* NFL: Survivor of 2012 Double Murder Claims Aaron Hernandez Was The Shooter

I know there’s some people that think Aaron Hernandez will be found not guilty on the crimes he’s committed, but I don’t know.  There seems to be a lot of evidence against him & this will not help any of his cases. The one surviver from that 2012 double murder is now saying that he saw the shooters face and it was Aaron Hernandez. Ohhh boy. Report after the jump…

(Video) NBA: Lamar Odom’s “Roommate” Says Lamar Was Paranoid & Witnessed Him Doing Crack

Let’s be clear, this “roommate” is also one of Lamar Odom’s alleged mistresses.  This is the lawyer that passed the lie detector test.  She’s already talked  A LOT about their alleged affair and now she’s talking even more … saying she witnessed Lamar doing crack & more. Details & video after the jump…

NFL: Von Miller Named as Potential Witness in Murder Trial

It just doesn’t stop when it comes to Von Miller.  First the suspensions, then the arrest and now this.  The LB has been named as potential witness to 2012 murders.  Report after the jump…

Usher’s Ex-Wife Is Looking For Aunt RENA, But She’s No Where To Be Found!

And the drama continues. After Usher’s son, Cinco nearly drowned in their pool, ex-wife Tameka Raymond requested that the courts grant her an emergency hearing for custody. Usher wasn’t home during the incident, however his aunt Rena – the sitter – was. Now, Tameka is wondering how does a 5-year-old almost drown on your watch. Tameka had something else in mind for the aunt, before the court appearance today. What is it – hit the jump to find out.

(VIDEO) NFL: Chad Johnson Records & Shares An Altercation He Witnessed

Lol, this guy. Chad Johnson was out relaxing in Miami when two guys had some type of disagreement. Ocho made sure to catch it on tape & share it with his followers…it’s better that he stayed out of it, he doesn’t need anymore trouble. Check it out…

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