Charlie Sheen does sorta remind me of a mafia, on the low, I’ll have things handled type of guy! Break-ups, multiple girlfriends, a baby mama that’s [allegedly] doing some hardcore drugs, endless flow of cash and sex tapes – yeah, sex tape, one that links Charlie to a missing witness in a burglary crime – are all the makings of a mafia king. IJS! Hit the jump for the deets.

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Ricardo Orozco broke into the house of Christina Fulton – the mother of Nicolas Cage’s child(ren) – and stole computers, boxes and some other things. A police officer testified during, Orozco’s current trial, and stated that on one of the computers was a sex tape, with Charlie Sheen [most likely playing the leading man] on it. Orozco enlisted, Darwin Vela as an accomplice who went to Charlie [his people] to black-mail him with the tape. Vela was scheduled to testify against, Orozco, but this week, he took his dog on a walk…he didn’t come back, the dog did, with blood on his lease.
Powerful! I watch too much of the ID channel to know that Orozco’s involvement would be too easy. THOUGHTS?!