(Photos) Lil Wayne Wants Out! Sues Birdman and Cash Money for $51 Mil and More

Getting deeper into the battle Tunechi is making it abundantly clear what his feeling are about his exit strategy: Lil Wayne Wants Out! Sues Birdman and Cash Money for $51 MILLION!!! And it doesn’t stop there…

FINALLY ! : New Drake Mixtape Confirmed To Release This Year !

Its been YEARS ! since we’ve gotten a Drake Mix tape , the Toronto rapper has practically done almost anything a rapper can do since we have heard a Drake Mix tape . Well , it looks like all the Drake Fans out there finally have something to live for . A New Drake Mixtape is on its way !!! Click into the post for more info on the New Drake Mixtape !

(Audio) Lil Wayne Is Leaving Cash Money And Hes Taking Drake And Nicki Minaj With Him

Its Getting real crazy over at the Young Money Cash Money ” Family ” . Some time back we have heard issues between Lil Wayne and who has been portrayed as a father figure in the rappers life , Birdman AKA “Baby” . Looks like its getting even more serious every week as Lil Wayne is Leaving Cash Money he is saying that he wants to bring his fellow YMCMB heavy weight artists along with him through the exit . Click into the post for all the Details and some Audio of the Louisiana rapper elaborate on his plans.

(Photos) & It Continues! Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Get Super Flirty Through Instagram Comments

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have the world so confused about their relationship that at this point, I don’t even think THEY know what they are! The two emcees were caught on Instagram exchanging flirtatious comments back and forth with one another, adding fuel to the rumor mill fire that they’ve already ignited. Nicki @’d Meek on a fan’s page, who was performing Fabolous’ “Who Do You Love” track in the Instagram video, saying “u play too much. Me who you love baby???” with a bunch of crying/laughing emojis. Meek shortly responded back to Nicki with a billion more laughing emojis (rappers love emojis if you didn’t know) before writing, “Is it me who u loveeeee?” Yeah, these two are definitely keeping us guessing and speculating over their mysterious relationship that we are all so curious to know the deets about. Check out their online interaction over in the gallery. Do you think they’re just toying with our emotions at this point? Or are they getting serious with one another? Drop your comments below.

(Video) Romeo Addresses Lil Wayne Joining No Limit

Romeo Addresses Lil Wayne Joining No Limit in a recent interview when asked about the possibility. Harping on the epic nature of his mogul father Master P and Wayne’s latest collaboration and saying “It Was Like Kobe and Lebron.” (Worrrd???)

(Video) Ashanti Talked To Baby And Lil Wayne About Joining YMCMB!!

Ashanti had an exclusive interview with VladTV where she discussed many things including talks of signing with YMCMB. There was a rumor going around last year about the singer signing with one of the biggest labels out. She confirmed that there were conversations with Baby and she is still talking to Lil Wayne as well. Ashanti let it be known that nothing is solid or guaranteed but she is being cautious about the next steps she takes in her career. Watch the video clip below!

Oh Sh*t! Birdman Is Getting Kicked Out Of WHERE?!

Looks like Lil Wayne isn’t the only one sick and tired of Birdman’s sh*t. His Miami condo association wants him out of the complex and FAST! According to the Ivy Condo Association, Birdman has racked up a total of $12,500 in unpaid fees and is constantly bouncing checks (HOW SWAY?!) To top it off, he apparently owes $1.9 million in back taxes to Uncle Sam, another $1 million to a construction company and last but not least, Birdman took out a $5 million dollar loan to make sure his Mansion was fully updated and decked out to live up to his reputation as a popular Hip-Hop mogul. The condo association filed a lien back in November to foreclose Baby’s home RIGHT before Christmas. Sheesh! What a way to spend the holidays. Looks like he needs that Weezy money after all and FAST. Release the album!!!!!

Rich Homie Quan Addresses Birdman/Lil Wayne Beef

When the issues between Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records became public, many speculated that it could be over the fact that Birdman has been investing all of his time into Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug’s ‘Rich Gang’ movement as of late. While Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj and even Birdman have all spoke out on the status of the beef, no one has addressed the elephant in the room that is Rich Gang, but Rich Homie Quan finally has something to say.

Don’t Stress! Mack Maine Has A GOOD Update About Lil Wayne vs. Cash Money!

As we all know by now, Lil Wayne is at odds with Birdman and Cash Money Records over the long-awaited Tha Carter V. Via Weezy’s Twitter rant a little over a week ago, Birdman and CMR “refuse to release” the album, and he wants “off this label and nothing to do with these people.” He did not elaborate on why exactly he’s at odds with his longtime label, but a later update said that Birdman was “deeply offended” by the statements. He also said he has no plans to release Wayne from his contract, even being willing to go to court if that’s what it takes. He does, however, plan to release Tha Carter V at some point, but says there’s still “lots of administrative work” left to be done before it can drop.

(Photos) Did Birdman Make His Position Clear On Lil Wayne Situation??

Did Birdman Make His Position Clear On Lil Wayne, Hmmm, a lot of people are wondering what’s going on between Lil Wayne and Birdman, Wayne keeps saying he wants off his label, even recently stating “YM! That’s it. Nothing else.”, notably cutting out Cash Money. Birdman has yet to make an actual statement, but last night he posted something that could be an undertone of how he’s feeling about it….

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