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I guess Instagram for Android Wins!!!! Because it’s a wrap for Pool Party!!! Shortly after I posted this yesterday, I got an email detailing the shutdown of Slide, which owns Pool Party, and the App will NOT exist after Oct 14th…Check out the email:

Grand Opening…Grand Closing

But below is how it was -_-

This App actually became known in the beginning of the summer, which means it’s had some time to be debugged, so now may be a good time to get in! Apparently This is Google’s possible answer to Instagram, the Picture app that let’s your friends comment on your photo, and that’s pretty much what Pool Party is, except for Google. My only issue is the Fact that because it’s in Beta, there is not enough people on it yet, and since Instagram is coming to Android, I don’t know if this App will Take of, but as of right now, I’m riding with Google til the Wheels fall off, you see they really care about the user experience, not just to make Money, Yes Apple cares, but they also really wan to make Money, Google gives out there stuff for FREE!!

Ok once in the app, all you you need to do is Upload a pic, then invite friends to to comment with you on the pic. The Friends can either already have the App, or you may invite up to 20 people to the App, then you will have people in your pool party!! Listen Hit me up on Google+, and I might just invite you to the Party!!