Ok so you have seen this with out knowing how to do it, and Now that google+ is wide open(except for Business’ and schools), it’s time to show you how to do this Son!! The Shortcode for G+ to easily share your account, just like mine below(“Wza On Google+”) , which I welcome you to check out, and put me in your Circles!!! Hit The Jump!

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WZA on Google+

Ok it’s really simple, 1st go to your Google+ profile and get your ID #, which you’ll see
in the url once on your profile, copy that, then head over to Gplus.to. once there, make a nick name you want to use to share your G+ account with(like Mine is WZA) then paste your ID where they tell you, then hit Add, now make sure you have the Nick Name you want for ever, because once you hit ‘Add’, that’s it, that is the name you are stuck with! , Your short code will be Gplus.to/YourNickName, like mine is Gplus.to/WZA, and Flex’s is Gplus.to/FunkDigi

ok Try it out , then let me know how you feel about it, either in Comments or actually on Google Plus, let’s “Hangout”!!! Don’t forget, if you’re NEW to G+, this Tutorial may help you out