Yes, there is a sandwich called the ‘instant heart attack’. Unfortunately, when it first made it’s way to NY, a restuarant in Las Vegas called “The Heart Attack Grill” sued the family owned deli because of the similarity in names It looks like everything might be resolved. Hit the jump for details.

Gernique N

NEW YORK (AP) — New Yorkers can still order up an instant heart attack.

The Second Avenue Deli won a court fight with a Las Vegas-based burger joint Friday over the names of their gut-busting foods. The New York deli’s sandwich called “instant heart attack” is made of sliced pastrami and fried potato latkes. It costs $24.95.

The Heart Attack Grill in Vegas had ordered the deli to stop serving the fare on trademark infringement grounds. The deli took the grill to court, and a federal judge in New York sided with the deli. Owner Jack Lebewohl tells the Daily News of New York he’s delighted by the ruling.

The Second Avenue Deli is also allowed to sell another sandwich called the “triple bypass.” Lebewohl says it includes “everything but the kitchen sink.”