YIKES!!! Sh*t just got real for Karrueche! Breezy decided to publicly tell the world that him and 2-year long girlfriend, Karrueche, that the jig was up…K has finally publicly responded to the break-up via twitter and she doesn’t seem too happy. But then again who would be ecstatic, after your long time boyfriend basically tells you he’s leaving you for his ex! GEEZ! I kind of feel bad for K but at the same time I’ve always been team Chrihanna! (For the record, I’m not saying domestic violence is ok! So let’s just get that straight!) Check out what Karrueche had to say to her followers after this devastating time in her life.


From K’s first tweet it seems as if she couldn’t believe that it was all over, but it soon kicked in real hard and she realized her relationship was over…YIKES! LOL!

Karrueche by telling us all to move on, I hope you’re taking your own advice and you don’t decide to hop back on the Breezy Bus!