LeBron James makes many millions off his endorsement deals, including one with Nike. But there’s one other particular endorsement he isn’t shy about making news with, regardless of its negative impact on those deals — he’s once again voting for Barack Obama for President.

James doesn’t care if that position costs him any shoe sales.


“I’ve been second guessed,” James said after scoring 23 points in Monday’s 124-99 home win over Phoenix on election eve. “They’re saying it’s bad for the brand. If I feel like I want to support someone, then go for it.”

James said he carefully researched Obama before he voted for the Democrat in 2008. He’s done that again this time.

“No,” James said about not being afraid as an athlete to take a stand. “I just think it’s about knowledge if you know what’s going on. I’ve always said I feel like it’s important for me to do it because that’s just who I am. I got out there and I learned a lot about it in ’08 and I learned a lot about it now.”

James tweeted his support Monday for Obama. He’s registered to vote in his native Ohio, and laughed when it was suggested he could end up casting a deciding vote in a battleground state.

“Hopefully,” he said. “We’ll see.”

“I think it’s a very important election for everyone,” James said. “Everyone, they talk about having a right to vote. Just don’t talk about it, actually go out and do it. And let your voice be heard, and I’m happy to be in the position I am.”