Michael Vick’s younger brother, Marcus, went on a twitter rant during the Eagles’ 28-13 loss to the Saints Monday night. Marcus tweeted begging the Eagles to trade his brother and pretty much threw the whole team under the bus.

Last night, Vick walked to the podium unaware of the stir his brother had created through social media earlier in the evening and addressed it when he was asked about it.


He didn’t seem pleased when learning of the comments from reporters following the game.

“You say he tweeted that during the game? Sorry, I’m not aware of that,” Vick said. “That’s something that I’m really going to have to address once I leave here.”

Vick did his best to shoot down any thought he wants out of Philadelphia.

“We out there fighting as hard as we can, giving it everything we’ve got,” Vick said. “That’s certainly not the case. Not the case here. I love each and every guy in that locker room and if I can make every play right, I would. I know they would do the same. So that’s certainly not the case.”



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