S/O to My Dude Matt Barash, Sent me the article from ‘CNN Money’ on Twitter’s President of Global Revenue, Our Big Homie Adam Bain, as we Really Appreciate his Friendship, We are Really Proud he is doing his thing!!! Hit the Jump!!!

Tat Wza

Adam Has Brought a lot to the Twitter table, capitalizing on the fact that twitter is growing at Super fast rate, changing the world!! Although Social Media is still a risky business for wall street:

Adam has learned to move with times and super fast, gaining on the fact that people tweet what they see, hear, touch, taste, and Observe, just how they overall live their life, if it’s in the world, it’s on twitter!!! Adam is on top of the money in the right place, so it’s not a loose ad in your face, but exactly what you want to see, for him it’s more about bringing twitter’s 140 million active users separately to the store, instead of just bringing a store to the 140 mill….Thank You Adam!!!!!!

So Full story on CNN Money