Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora

Twitter is on FIRE right now, and it’s all thanks to the latest celeb breakup, Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora. It was reported earlier today that it was a split called by Rita simply for their scheduling conflicts, but apparently, it was WAY more than that. Rob allegedly took to his Twitter a little while ago, claiming Rita cheated on him with a LOT of other men. I mean…a LOT. The thing that’s troubling me though is it’s a screen shot of the tweets going around…and not the actual RT’s. I checked his mentions but they’re so filled with people just mentioning the story by @’ing him, I couldn’t see any RT’s and I went pretty far back. However, his entire timeline is damn near gone with only a couple tweets on there, so who knows what’s what for the moment. Check out the screenshot in the gallery for now. We’ll update as more develops!

Marisa Mendez