And add Joe Budden to the list of celebrities with leaked cell phone pictures! Today, a story hit a popular gossip site that a nude photo of Joey had been hacked from his phone, though they were reluctant to post it because of the whole stolen property issue. Of course it showed up on the web shortly after, courtesy of this guy, and well, it’s not exactly a flattering photo if you know what I mean. Joe, never one to shy away from controversy (or nudity…have you SEEN the amazing pics he posts of his girlfriend Kaylin?!)…immediately hopped on Twitter to respond. Though the photo is definitely him: it’s his bathroom, his iPhone, his tattoos…he clarified that the photo had been altered, and even got some backup from a girl who’s apparently seen the goods before. No word yet from any of his past girlfriends, but I’m going to ride with him on this one…because there’s no way he could have bagged all of those beautiful women while not working with much! LOL!

Marisa Mendez

You can go to the Leaked pic to see the photo in question, but we won’t be posting all that! LOL!