Apparently Meek Mill is in Paris for a Show, and while there he’s enjoying the streets on his Bike…Now as I read things Through, it seems as though Necole Bitchie tweeted some news people reported to her about Meeks trip…And then it seems as though Meek didn’t agree with what se tweeted…I mean I could explain it, but it’s prob better if you just read the interaction for yourself, Hit the Gallery!!

Tat Wza

Personally I know what it’s like to hustle for your 1’s, So I understand if you see an opportunity, then take that shit!! Saying that, Both Meek took an Opportunity, And Necole being a Blogger(Although She Didn’t Blog it, Just IG’d and Tweeted), took an opportunity by reporting Meek’s opportunity…And So now You take the opportunity to look for yourself!!
(If Anyone doesn’t like that I took the Opportunity to report on this….Tough Titty)