James Dolan better stop playin! C’mon b – not Shump! ESPN recently aired an interview that Stephen A. Smith did with Dwight Howard and what fans didn’t get to see was some of the behind the scenes action. Well one person was able to tune into the satellite feed and record the taping. You know what that means right?! Private conversations were recorded. Usually it’s nothing big – just some small chit chat, but this time Stephen A. had a very interesting story for Dwight Howard … about Knicks baller Iman Shumpert. Dwight’s reaction is interesting as well.
Check it out…



Via Deadspin:

The conversation somehow turns to the Knicks’ Iman Shumpert, and at the 10-second mark, Smith shares a piece of gossip with Howard. The audio’s hard to hear (headphones help), so here’s the transcription:

“And by the way, [James] Dolan was ready to trade [Shumpert] because he didn’t want to work out in the summer league. Dolan’s talking about trading him. I said, “trade who? You better hold on to that boy. You better not lose Iman Shumpert.’ That boy can play.”

Howard’s response? “He can come here.”