That’s right, Even Oprah had her share of public beef. Unlike the recent bashing of her by “The Color Purple” Co-Star Rae Dawn Chong, this one was brought to light by her constant refusal to appear on David Letterman’s late night show. Being a comedian, it wasn’t long before she became the butt of his jokes for some time. Apparently, her dislike for the show came from personal experiences. On Oprah’s OWN Network, she sits down for a conversation with Letterman and they put it all on the table. Check it out after the jump.

Keeping it to herself for 25 years, Oprah revealed that she did not like the way she was handled on the show. How she was constantly heckled as the stories on her show were made out to be jokes. Check it out below.

And, of course, under this is the notorious episode that made Oprah pretty uncomfortable. Still successful.


Jamaal Fisher