Some people love to enjoy their nights so much, that they sometimes have to suffer the next day because of it. That suffering is known as a hangover. Despite the intense feeling during the day after, scientists’ research now shows that hangovers do more affect days after. Check out how far that hangover can follow you after the jump.

No amount of food, water, or coffee can cure the long term effects of a hangover which includes altered “working memory.” The study, from the United Kingdom’s Keele University states, “This governs the ability to hold information in your mind and to manipulate it, leaving sufferers less able to perform tasks such as mental arithmetic.”

According to the study, about 5-10 percent of performance memory decreases which, in turn, increases errors that would otherwise be avoided by 30 percent. Regardless, hopefully you don’t let them get as bad as the ones in the pics.

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Jamaal Fisher