NFL: Johnny Manziel Was Allegedly ‘Hung Over’ at Team Meeting; Browns Say He Had a Concussion

While the Cleveland Browns disputed a report Tuesday that they had “lied” about Johnny Manziel’s concussion symptoms prior to the season finale to cover for the quarterback reportedly showing up drunk to a team meeting that week, one well-placed Browns source who had contact with Manziel that day told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he “was heavily hung over on something.”

WOW! You’ll NEVER Recognize This ‘Hangover’ Star Now!

Actor Zach Galifianakis is barely recognizable now, as both the heavy beard and the weight are a thing of the past! The Hangover star was spotted in Venice yesterday and looked nothing like the guy we came to know, but he’s looking great nonetheless! TMZ reports that he dropped the weight through eating better and drinking less. Check out the before and after in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

(Video) Snoop Dogg Partied With WHO In South Korea?

Snoop Dogg recently took a trip to South Korea and partied gangnam style with the country’s most famous party animal, Psy. Check out the video of Psy telling TMZ what it was like to work and party with Snoop D-O double G after the jump.

(Photos) How Do Hangovers Affect You? See For Yourself!!

Some people love to enjoy their nights so much, that they sometimes have to suffer the next day because of it. That suffering is known as a hangover. Despite the intense feeling during the day after, scientists’ research now shows that hangovers do more affect days after. Check out how far that hangover can follow you after the jump.

(Photos) Keri Hilson Is Pretty Girl Rockin’ In Las Vegas – The Sin City!

Ms. Keri Baby was in Vegas doing it BIG. The blonde bombshell was looking Sasha Fierce sexy as she took the stage at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace. Performing some of her hits and drinking led to a serious hangover, since Keri took to twitter and mentioned “EVERY TIME I party in Vegas, I just want that memory-erasing thing from Men In Black the next day. That’s how you know you did Vegas right!” She also captioned an instagram photo saying, “I think Vegas means “regret” in Latin. No?” I say hey, you only live once. Drop down bottom and check out how the, “No Boys Allowed” singer was looking.

New Alcoholism Treatment Gives Alcoholics An Instant Hangover???

A new way to treat alcoholism has emerged in the form of a vaccination.  Scientists have created a vaccine that gives alcoholics an instant hangover as soon as they take a sip of a drink.  Just imagine a hangover a few minutes after consuming one drink while you are out.  Yeah, I would probably stop drinking too. The vaccine lasts for a good amount of time as well, once it is in a person’s body it signals the body to not process or metabolise alcohol for about 6 months to a year.

“Hangover” Director Being Stalked By One-Night-Stand He Had 2 Years Ago!

This is just a little too similar to “Fatal Attraction”. “Hangover” director Todd Phillips is being stalked by a girl that he had a one night stand with in 2011. Phillips met 22-year-old Julianna Shiao on the set of a movie and after the night spent together, she allegedly got crazy obsessive. Click below for more details. Melissa

Tech Talk Web: This Site Will Make You Think Twice About Your Status Updates On Facebook!

“Last night was mad real” plenty of Facebook and Twitter updates revolve around a night that lead to “sunglasses and Advil” but maybe you will want think twice about sharing your activities outside of work on Facebook because of the site We Know What You Are Doing. Check out the dry snitching site after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

5 Remedies For Cinco De Mayo Hangover !!!

  Post-Cinco De Mayo, some may be suffering from the margaritas and coronas they drank last night.  Here are some remedies that may help you recover! Steph Bassanini Hit the jump!

FOOD: 9 Foods to Cure a Hangover

Everyone has their own goofy hangover “cure.” I actually always eat a slice of bread when I’m hungover, thinking it will soak up the liquor, LOL. But there are actual scientific reasons why these foods will help ease the hell of your hangover. Check them out below! Caasi Cofer

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