I got a chance to sit and chat with Like from Rap group Pac Div. We will discuss fashion and sneakers and will he have a clothing soon? To get a chance to learn more about the Cali bred, check out this exclusive interview here.

Q: Your known for your style and your music, Define Your Style?

A: My style evolves with my experience and growth as a person. I tend to variate my sound and look depending on where I’m at emotionally.

Q. What are your favorite Brands at the moment?

A:Mark Mcnairy, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Stronghold, Lifetime collective

Q. What are your Top 5 sneakers — Of All Time?

A:Air Jordan 11, New balance 1500, Iverson question, Bernhard Wilhelm x camper boots, Polo sport canvas low tops

Q:Who are your Top 5 — dressers in the game right now?

A:Taz Arnold, Ouigi theodore from bkcircus, My boy Waversun out of Philly, and the homie Shamon Cassette, Pharrell Williams

Q: Who is your favorite Sports team?

A: Lakers

Q: Do you own a clothing?
A: No, Not yet

This wraps up my interview with Like. Thanks for your time!!

Website: CallMeLike

Interviewed by Ajrashed