No worries, he didn’t jump out the window, he just gave his opinion on how he see’s it. Chris stopped by the Kingpin’s Show(Funk Flex of course), besides kicking a pretty dope freestyle(not on his gold iPhone), Funk asked him what he thought about the “Only” record and what he thought about the lyrics, as well as the Drake x Tyga situation.

Tat Wza

Chris kept it 100, He talked about he def squashed the beef with Drake and he didn’t want to seem as though he was taking sides, but he also mentioned Tyga is his real homie(they have a project coming out together. He kept it pretty real on the “Only” record’s lyrics, and how it was like ‘oh wow’, saying he wouldn’t want to be the ‘boyfriend’ in that situation, and how Nicki said Weezy and Drake are like brothers so it didn’t seem like there was a chance for them, BUT she didn’t say He(Chris) is like a brother…then he asks rhetorically ‘Does that mean I have a chance’, meaning of course he would take the opportunity to ‘knock Nicki down’ if it presented it’s self(As he should)!!!