While Chicago Bulls’ Kirk Hinrich is usually one of the toughest on-ball defenders in the NBA, Ty Lawson felt otherwise and definitely let us know. Lawson, with a sick in and out move, BROKE Hinrich’s ankles and pride! It was so smooth, Lawson didn’t even know Hinrich had fallen. Hit the jump to check out what went down at the Pepsi Center.

via DenverPost:

Kirk Hinrich is one of the league’s toughest on-ball defenders, but Ty Lawson made getting around him look easy in the Nuggets’ 114-109 win over the Bulls at Pepsi Center on Tuesday.

Lawson, who only had two points in the first half, turned it up offensively in the second, pouring in 18 points in the final 18 minutes to go along with with his 12 assists and three steals.

With about 4:45 left in the third quarter, Lawson faked out Hinrich and sent him stumbling to the floor for one of the Nuggets guard’s many — but arguably his filthiest — highlight of the evening.

“I didn’t know he fell,” Lawson said afterward. “I guess it was a good move.”

Based on the “oohs” and then the louder “oohs” when the play was shown on the big screen, I think most would agree with him.

*pics of ankle-breaker in gallery above*

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