IFWT_Alabama Good Cop Goes Viral
Police Officer Buys Shoplifters Stolen Goods, All of the police brutality as of late, the people have lost complete confidence in law enforcement, but I’ve been saying all along(While pointing out the brutality) Not All cops are fu**ed up, and this one proves it!!

Tat Wza

Police Officer Buys Shoplifters Stolen Goods, and it’s a white officer and a black female shoplifter, exactly how a law enforcement officer should act, in Tarrant Alabama of all places!!

The woman allegedly shoplifter some eggs at her local grocery store, when caught the cops were called, and instead of locking her up, the officer gave the store the money for the eggs, and let the woman go. This is all allegedly since the video only shows the officer giving the woman a package, then they hug it out!

They are saying the cop didn’t even know he was being filmed, apparently another shopper witnessed the whole thing and decided this should be shared with the world, especially right now, with a lot of other police bugging the Fu** out!!

The local news caught up with the officer William Stacey, here’s what he had to say:

Use of appropriate force was most def used here, congrats to you Sir!!