NYPD Funeral
Local news engines stopped today to broadcast live the funeral proceedings of slain Officer Rafael Ramos in Brooklyn. While many have commented that this was an unusally (and quite sus, politically) grand display of a city-wide condolence, it was definitely a huge sign of support to the Ramos family. The total opposite unfortunately was the case as the NYPD Turns Back on Mayor de Blasio During Funeral in an aggressive showing of continued non-support.

NYPD Turns Back on Mayor de Blasio During Funeral is yet another saga in yet another chapter of the stance the police force is taking against New York City Mayor de Blasio. As you’ll see in the gallery and in the video, with the thousands in attendance including hundreds of officers in uniform paying Ramos and family their respect, came a sea of backs turned as the mayor said a few words.

What’s has made some people “feel some type of way” is the fact that as the NYPD Turns Back on Mayor de Blasio During Funeral in protest, law enforcement from every angle put an early cap on protests of #BlackLivesMatter, #EricGarner, and basically anything having to do with anything. People were told NOT to protest in observance, respect and reverence for the slain officer and his family. Yet…

Also, many point out the numerous police deaths in New York City history (even in just the last 10 years) which were not escalated to this point. Politicized? Strong evidence. On top of jumbo-trons broadcasting condolence speeches, thunderous applause and appearances from everyone from Vice-President Joe Biden to city comptroller, the scene was thick.

If you took any time to look in the faces of Officer Rafael Ramos’ wife, 16-and-13 year old sons, you may however remember that “this is not Gotham, this is real life.”

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